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Clutch #1

Sire: Pastel Red Axanthic Lesser Spotnose

Dame: Yellowbelly Mirage

Date Laid: 2/1/21

Eggs:  6 eggs

Hatched: 4/1/21

Clutch 1.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 HRA Lesser Spotnose Yellowbelly

0.1 HRA Spotnose Yellowbelly Mirage

0.1 HRA Lesser Yellowbelly

1.0 HRA Spotnose

0.1 HRA Yellowbelly

Clutch 1a.jpg

Clutch #2

Sire: Hypo Leopard Special Pinstripe

Dame:  Hypo Pastave

Date Laid: 2/9/21

Eggs: 1 eggs 

Hatched: 4/9/21

When this girl laid, one of the eggs had busted which caused the remainder of the eggs to go bad. Hopefully we will get something good from the 1 egg.

Clutch 2.jpg

Clutch Results: 

1.0 Hypo Leopard Mojave Pinstripe


Clutch #3

Sire(s): Pastel VPI Axanthic

Dame: Pastel Leopard het VPI Axanthic

Date Laid: 2/26/21

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 4/26/21

Clutch 3.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Super Pastel VPI Axanthic Leopard

3.0 Pastel VPI Axanthic Leopard

0.1 VPI Axanthic

2.0 Super Pastel Leopard het VPI Axanthic

0.1 Leopard het VPI Axanthic

Clutch 3a.jpg

Clutch #4

Sire: Puzzle

Dame: Pewter het Puzzle

Date Laid: 2/27/20

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 4/25/21

Clutch 4.jpg

Clutch Results:

2.0 Pewter Puzzle

0.1 Cinnamon Puzzle

2.1 Pewter het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 4a.jpg

Clutch #5

Sire: Powerball HRA GHI

Dame: GHI

Date Laid: 3/13/21

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 5/15/21

Clutch 5.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Super GHI HRA Spotnose

2.1 GHI Spotnose

0.2 Spotnose

Clutch 5a.jpg

Clutch #6

Sire: Puzzle

Dame: Het Puzzle

Date Laid: 3/24/21

Eggs: 4 eggs

Hatched: 5/26/21

2 eggs went bad during incubation.

Clutch 6.jpg

Clutch Results:

2.0 Normal het Puzzle

Clutch 6a.jpg

Clutch #7

Sire: Pastel Red Axanthic Spotnose

Dame: Pastel Yellowbelly Mirage

Date Laid: 3/28/21

Eggs: 7 eggs


Clutch 7.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Pastel HRA Mirage poss Yellowbelly
1.1 HRA Mirage
0.1 HRA Yellowbelly
1.2 Pastel HRA

Clutch 7a.jpg

Clutch #8

Sire: Pastel Red Axanthic Lesser Spotnose

Dame: NoCo Special Lemonblast

Date Laid: 4/1/21

Eggs: 8 eggs


Clutch 8.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.0 Pastel Lesser NoCo Special HRA poss Pinstripe Spotnose
0.1 Lesser NoCo Special HRA poss Pinstripe Spotnose
1.0 Super Pastel HRA Lesser Spotnose
1.0 Super Pastel HRA Spotnose Pinstripe
1.0 Super Pastel HRA Pinstripe
1.0 HRA NoCo Special Pinstripe
0.1 HRA Lemonblast
0.1 NoCo Special HRA

Clutch 8a.jpg

Clutch #9

Sire: Pastel

Dame: Butter Spotnose

Date Laid: 4/3/21

Eggs: 5 eggs


Clutch 9.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Pastel Spotnose Butter
1.0 Spotnose Butter
0.1 Spotnose Butter Paradox
1.0 Butter
1.0 Pastel

Clutch 9a.jpg

Clutch #10

Sire: Super Mojave

Dame: Super Mojave Yellowgene

Date Laid: 4/3/21

Eggs: 7 eggs


Clutch 10.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.2 Super Mojave
0.3 Super Mojave (shark jaw)
1.1 Super Mojave (small eyes)

Clutch 10a.jpg

Clutch #11

Sire: Mystic Crystal Lemonblast

Dame: NoCo Special

Date Laid: 4/5/21

Eggs: 7 eggs


Clutch 11.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.0 Super Special Lemonblast
0.1 Mystic Crystal Pinstripe
1.1 Mystic Crystal
0.1 Mystic Lemonblast
1.1 Pastel NoCo Special

Clutch 11a.jpg

Clutch #12

Sire: Leopard Bumblebee VPI Axanthic

Dame: GHI Mojave

Date Laid: 4/10/21

Eggs: 5 eggs


Clutch 12.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.0 Pastel Leopard GHI Mojave Spider het VPI Axanthic
0.1 Pastel GHI Mojave Spider het VPI Axanthic
0.1 GHI Mojave Spider het VPI Axanthic
0.1 Spider Mojave het VPI Axanthic
0.1 GHI het VPI Axanthic

Clutch 12a.jpg

Clutch #13

Sire: Super Sulfur

Dame: Enchi Sulfur Cream

Date Laid: 4/13/21

Eggs: 3 eggs


Clutch 13.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Enchi Sulfur Cream
1.1 Sulfur Cream

Clutch 13a.jpg

Clutch #14

Sire: Pastel Phantom Yellowbelly

Dame: Pastave

Date Laid: 4/14/21

Eggs: 6 eggs


Clutch 14.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Pastave Yellowbelly
0.1 Pastave
1.0 Pastel Phantom Yellowbelly
1.0 Pastel Phantom
1.0 Phantom Yellowbelly
1.0 Pastel Yellowbelly

Clutch 14a.jpg

Clutch #15

Sire: Enchi Sulfur Cream poss Orange Dream

Dame: Sulfur Cream

Date Laid: 4/17/21

Eggs: 6 eggs


Clutch 15.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.1 Super Sulfur Enchi
0.1 Super Vanilla Enchi
1.0 Super Vanilla
1.0 Enchi Sulfur Cream
0.1 Sulfur Cream

Clutch 15a.jpg

Clutch #16

Sire: Hypo Lemonblast Bamboo

Dame: Spotnose HRA

Date Laid: 4/22/21

Eggs: 10 eggs

Hatched: 6/21/21

Clutch 16.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.0 Bamboo Pastel
0.1 HRA Bamboo
1.1 Spotnose Pinstripe
1.1 Pinstripe HRA
1.0 Spotnose
0.1 Pinstripe
0.1 Normal

Clutch 16a.jpg

Clutch #17

Sire: Red Stripe het Clown

Dame: Blade Clown

Date Laid: 4/24/21

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 6/23/21

Clutch 17.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Redstripe Blade Clown
0.2 Redstripe Clown
0.2 Redstripe het Clown
1.1 Normal het Clown

Clutch 17a.jpg

Clutch #18

Sire: Hypo Leopard NoCo Special Pinstripe

Dame: Bamboo Champagne 50% het Hypo

Date Laid: 4/24/21

Eggs: 5 eggs

Hatched: 6/23/21

Clutch 18.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Hypo Bamboo NoCo Special Champagne Leopard poss Pinstripe
1.0 Hypo Bamboo Champagne
1.0 Champagne Leopard NoCo Special het Hypo
1.0 Champagne het Hypo
1.0 Leopard het Hypo

Clutch 18a.jpg

Clutch #19

Sire: Pastel Desert Ghost

Dame: Sulfur Pinstripe

Date Laid: 4/25/21

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 6/22/21

Clutch 19.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Sulfur Lemonblast het Desert Ghost
1.0 Pastel Sulfur het Desert Ghost
1.0 Lemonblast het Desert Ghost
1.2 Pinstripe het Desert Ghost

Clutch 19a.jpg

Clutch #20

Sire: Super Mojave

Dame: Pastel GHI

Date Laid: 4/29/21

Eggs: 5 eggs

Hatched: 6/28/21

Clutch 20.jpg

Clutch Results:
0.1 Pastave
1.2 Mojave

Clutch 20a.jpg
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