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Clutch #1

Sire: Coral Glow Het Pied

Dame: Pinstripe Pied

Date Laid: 1/24/19

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 3/24/19

Clutch 1.png

Clutch Results:

2.0 Coral Glow Pinstripe Pied

2.0 Coral Glow Pied

0.1 Pinstripe Pied

3.0 Coral Glow het Pied

Clutch 1-2.png

Clutch #2

Sire: Pastel What

Dame: Mirage Yellow Belly

Date Laid:

Eggs: 9 slugs



Clutch Results:

Clutch 2.png

Clutch #3

Sire(s): Orange Dream or Orange Dream Sulfur Lemon Blast

Dame: Orange Dream

Date Laid: 3/1/19

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 4/29/19

Clutch 3.png

Clutch Results:

1.0 Super Orange Dream Sulfur
1.0 Orange Dream Pinstripe
0.1 Sulfur Pinstripe
0.1 Orange Dream
1.1 Pinstripe

Clutch 3-2.png

Clutch #4

Sire: Pewter Puzzle

Dame: Pastel 66% poss het Puzzle

Date Laid: 3/3/19

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 4/29/19

Clutch 4.png

Clutch Results:

2.0 Pewter het Puzzle

0.2 Cinnamon het Puzzle

3.0 Normal het Puzzle

Clutch 4-2.png

Clutch #5

Sire: Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Super Pastel 66% poss het Puzzle

Date Laid: 3/4/19

Eggs: 11eggs

Hatched: 4/30/19

Clutch 5.png

Clutch Results:

6.3 Super Pastel het Puzzle

1.1 Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 5-2.png

Clutch #6

Sire: Puzzle Project

Dame: Het Puzzle Project

Date Laid: 3/6/19

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 4/30/19

Total Hatched: 3 good, 2 infertile, 1 slug, 1 went bad

Clutch 6.png

Clutch Results:

0.2 Puzzle

0.1 het Puzzle

Clutch 6-2_edited.png

Clutch #7

Sire: Pewter Puzzle

Dame: GHI

Date Laid: 3/9/19

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 5/7/19

Clutch 7.png

Clutch Results:

1.0 Cinnamon GHI het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel GHI het Puzzle

1.1 Pewter het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel het Puzzle

1.0 Normal het Puzzle

Clutch 7-2.png

Clutch #8

Sire: Sulfur Blade Clown

Dame: Clown

Date Laid: 3/9/19

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/7/19

Clutch 8.png

Clutch Results:

2.1 Sulfur Blade Clown

1.1 Sulfur Clown

1.0 Blade Clown

2.0 Clown

Clutch 8-2_edited.png

Clutch #9

Sire: Pastel Pinstripe Orange Dream Sulfur

Dame: Orange Dream

Date Laid: 3/10/19

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 5/8/19

Clutch 9.png

Clutch Results:

0.1 Super Orange Dream (holdback)
1.0 Sulfur Orange Dream
0.2 Orange Dream
1.0 Sulfur
1.0 Normal

Clutch 9-2_edited.png

Clutch #10

Sire: Leopard Bumblebee

Dame: Sterling

Date Laid: 3/12/19

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/8/19

Clutch 10.png

Clutch Results:

1.0 Super Pastel Cinnamon Spider
0.1 Super Pastel Cinnamon Leopard
0.1 Pastel Cinnamon Leopard Spider
1.1 Super Pastel Leopard Spider
1.0 Sterling
1.0 Pastel Cinnamon Spider
1.0 Super Pastel Leopard

Clutch 10-2.png

Clutch #11

Sire: Mystic Crystal Lemon Blast

Dame: Super Mojave

Date Laid: 3/19/19

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/16/19

Clutch 11.png

Clutch Results:

1.0 Crystal Lemon blast
1.0 Crystal Pinstripe
0.2 Pastel Crystal
0.1 Crystal
2.0 Mystic Potion

Clutch 11-2.png

Clutch #12

Sire: Pastel dbl het Clown Puzzle

Dame: Cinnamon dbl het Clown Puzzle

Date Laid: 3/20/19

Eggs: 6 eggs (2 went bad)

Hatched: 5/17/19

Clutch 12.png

Clutch Results:

0.1 Pewter Clown Puzzle

1.0 Pastel Clown 66% het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel 66% dbl het Clown Puzzle

1.0 Normal 66% dbl het Clown Puzzle

Clutch 12-2_edited.png

Clutch #13

Sire: Super Sulfur

Dame: Super Sulfur

Date Laid: 3/31/19

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 5/29/19

Clutch 13.png

Clutch Results:

4.3 Super Sulfur

Clutch 13-2.png

Clutch #14

Sire: Phantom

Dame: Pastel Phantom HGW

Date Laid: 4/1/19

Eggs: 5 eggs (1 slug)

Hatched: 5/31/19

Clutch 14.png

Clutch Results:

0.1 HGW Phantom

1.0 Pastel Phantom

2.0 Phantom

Clutch 14-2.png

Clutch #15

Sire: Leopard Bumblebee het VPI Axanthic

Dame: VPI Axanthic

Date Laid: 4/4/19

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 6/1/19

Clutch 15.png

Clutch Results:

0.1 Leopard Spider VPI Axanthic

0.1 Bumblebee Axanthic

0.2 Pastel VPI Axanthic

0.1 VPI Axanthic

1.0 Bumblebee het VPI Axanthic

Clutch 15-2.png

Clutch #16

Sire: Pastel Enchi VPI Axanthic

Dame: Pastel Leopard 66% poss het VPI Axanthic

Date Laid: 4/5/19

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 6/1/19

This female proved to be a het VPI Axanthic she gave me an amazing proven clutch.

Clutch 16.png

Clutch Results:

0.1 Super Pastel Enchi Leopard VPI Axanthic

0.1 Pastel Enchi Leopard VPI Axanthic

0.1 Super Pastel Enchi VPI Axanthic

0.1 Pastel Leopard VPI Axanthic

1.0 Super Pastel VPI Axanthic

1.0 Super Pastel Leopard het VPI Axanthic

0.1 Leopard Enchi het VPI Axanthic

0.1 Pastel het VPI Axanthihc

Clutch 16-2.png

Clutch #17

Sire: Pewter Puzzle

Dame: Sulfur Cream

Date Laid: 4/8/19

Eggs: 5 eggs (1 went bad)

Hatched: 6/5/19

Clutch 17.png

Clutch Results:

1.0 Pewter Sulfur het Puzzle

0.1 Cinnamon Sulfur het Puzzle

1.0 Cinnamon Vanilla het Puzzle

1.0 Sulfur het Puzzle

Clutch 17-2.png

Clutch #18

Sire: Pastel VPI Axanthic

Dame: Pastel 66% poss het VPI Axanthic

Date Laid: 4/10/19

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 6/9/19

Mother did not prove to be a het.

Clutch 18.png

Clutch Results:

1.1 Super Pastel het VPI Axanthic

2.3 Pastel het VPI Axanthic

Clutch 18-2.png

Clutch #19

Sire: Super Mojave

Dame: Super Pastel Mojave

Date Laid: 4/11/19

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 6/11/19

Clutch 19.png

Clutch Results:

0.3 Pastel Super Mojave

1.2 Pastave

Clutch 19-2.png

Clutch #20

Sire: Sulfur Blade Clown

Dame: Leopard het Clown

Date Laid: 4/12/19

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 6/9/19

Clutch 20.png

Clutch Results:

0.1 Sulfur Blade Leopard Clown

0.1 Leopard Blade Clown

0.1 Sulfur Leopard Clown

2.1 het Clown

Clutch 20-2.png
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