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Clutch #1

Sire: Pewter Puzzle

Dame: Super Pastel Lesser

Date Laid: 2/17/20

Eggs: 5 eggs

Hatched: 4/16/20

Clutch 1.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Pewter Lesser het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel Lesser het Puzzle

1.0 Pewter het Puzzle

1.1 Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 1a.jpg

Clutch #2

Sire: Pastel GHI

Dame: Super Pastel 

Date Laid: 3/13/20

Eggs: 5 eggs 

Hatched: 4/16/20

Something might be going on with this female, a couple of these babies turned out really nice. Only time will tell if there is anything special with these.

Clutch 2.jpg

Clutch Results: 

3.0 Super Pastel GHI

0.1 Pastel GHI

0.1 Super Pastel

Clutch #2a.jpg

Clutch #3

Sire(s): Super Pastel Leopard

Dame: Lesserbee Yellowbelly

Date Laid: 3/15/20

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/15/20

Clutch 3.jpg

Clutch Results:

0.2 Pastel Leopard Lesser Yellowbelly

0.1 Pastel Leopard Lesser

0.1 Pastel Leopard Spider

0.1 Pastel Leopard Yellowbelly

0.1 Pastel Lesser Spider

0.1 Leopard Bumblebelly (twin)

1.0 Bumblebee

0.1 Pastel (twin)

Clutch 3a.jpg

Clutch #4

Sire: Sulfur Blade Clown

Dame: Pastel Powerball Red Axanthic

Date Laid: 3/16/20

Eggs: 4 eggs

Hatched: 5/16/20

Clutch 4.jpg

Clutch Results:

0.1 Sulfurfly Spotnose HRA poss Blade het Clown

0.1 Sulfurfly Spotnose HRA het Clown

0.1 Pastel Spotnose HRA het Clown

0.1 Spotnose HRA het Clown

Clutch #4a.jpg

Clutch #5

Sire: Hypo

Dame: Clown

Date Laid: 3/17/20

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/17/20

Clutch 5.jpg

Clutch Results:

5.3 DBL Het Clown Hypo

Clutch #5a.jpg

Clutch #6

Sire: Orange Dream Sulfur Lemonblast

Dame: Orange Dream #2

Date Laid: 3/19/20

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/19/20 

Clutch 6.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Orange Dream Lemonblast

0.1 Orange Dream Pinstripe

1.0 Pastel Orange Dream

1.0 Sulfur Pinstripe

0.1 Orange Dream

1.1 Lemonblast

0.1 Sulfur

Clutch #6a.jpg

Clutch #7

Sire: Typhoon Hypo 66% het VPI Axanthic

Dame: VPI Axanthic 66% het Hypo

Date Laid: 3/20/20

Eggs: 5 eggs

Hatched: 5/20/20

Both of these proved out to be het.

Clutch 7.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Typhoon True Ghost

0.1 Hypo Typhoon het VPI Axanthic

0.1 Typhoon VPI Axanthic het Hypo

1.0 Hypo het VPI Axanthic

1.0 DBL het Hypo VPI Axanthic

Clutch #7a.jpg

Clutch #8

Sire: Pastel Super Mojave & HGW GHI

Dame: Super Mojave

Date Laid: 3/23/20

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 5/24/20

Clutch 8.jpg

Clutch Results:

2.0 GHI HGW Mojave

1.0 GHI Mojave

0.2 Super Mojave

1.1 Mojave

Clutch #8a.jpg

Clutch #9

Sire: Pastel VPI Axanthic

Dame: Orange Dream #1

Date Laid: 3/24/20

Eggs: 7 eggs

Hatched: 5/25/20

Clutch 9.jpg

Clutch Results:

0.2 Orange Dream het VPI Axanthic

3.0 Pastel

1.1 Normal

Clutch #9a.jpg

Clutch #10

Sire: Pewter Puzzle & Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Super Pastel 66% het Puzzle #1

Date Laid: 3/25/20

Eggs: 10 eggs

Hatched: 5/26/20

She did not prove to be het Puzzle.

Clutch 10.jpg

Clutch Results:

2.1 Sterling het Puzzle

1.2 Super Pastel het Puzzle

0.1 Pewter het Puzzle

1.1 Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 10a.jpg

Clutch #11

Sire: Hypo Yellowgene Sugar Mojave

Dame: Honeybee

Date Laid: 3/27/20

Eggs: 8 eggs

Hatched: 5/27/20

The male proved to carry the Yellowgene.

Clutch 11.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Hypo Yellowgene Mojave Sugar Spider

0.1 Hypo Yellowgene Mojave Sugar

0.1 Hypo Yellowgene Sugar

0.1 Hypo Mojave Spider

1.0 Hypo Mojave Sugar

0.1 Hypo Sugar Spider

0.1 Honeybee

Clutch 11a.jpg

Clutch #12

Sire: Pied

Dame: Het Pied #1

Date Laid: 3/28/20

Eggs: 10 eggs 

Hatched: 5/28/20

Clutch 12.jpg

Clutch Results:

2.1 Pied

5.2 het Pied

Clutch 12a.jpg

Clutch #13

Sire: Super Sulfur

Dame: Super Sulfur

Date Laid: 3/29/20

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 5/29/20

Clutch 13.jpg

Clutch Results:

3.2 Super Sulfur

Clutch 13a.jpg

Clutch #14

Sire: Coral Glow Sugar

Dame: Pastel Spotnose

Date Laid: 3/31/20

Eggs: 9 eggs

Hatched: 5/30/20

Clutch 14.jpg

Clutch Results:

0.1 Super Pastel Coral Glow Spotnose poss Sugar

1.0 Pastel Coral Glow Spotnose

1.0 Super Pastel Coral Glow

0.1 Pastel Spotnose

0.4 Pastel

0.1 Normal

Clutch 14a.jpg

Clutch #15

Sire: Orange Dream Sulfur

Dame: Orange Dream Sulfur Spider

Date Laid: 4/2/20

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 6/1/20

Clutch 15.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.1 Orange Dream Super Sulfur

0.1 Sulfur Dreambee

0.1 Dreambee

0.1 Super Orange Dream Jungle (died)

1.0 Sulfur

Clutch 15a.jpg

Clutch #16

Sire: Pewter Puzzle

Dame: Poss Het Puzzle #2

Date Laid: 4/3/20

Eggs: 9 eggs

Hatched: 6/2/20

She did not prove to be het Puzzle.

Clutch 16.jpg

Clutch Results:

4.5 Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 16a.jpg

Clutch #17

Sire: Puzzle

Dame: Kingpin

Date Laid: 4/5/20

Eggs: 10 eggs

Hatched: 6/4/20

Clutch 17.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.1 Butter Pinstripe het Puzzle

1.2 Butter het Puzzle

1.1 Pinstripe het Puzzle

0.2 Normal het Puzzle

Clutch 17a.jpg

Clutch #18

Sire: Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Pastel Phantom

Yellowbelly Vanilla

Date Laid: 4/11/20

Eggs: 9 eggs

Hatched: 6/10/20

Clutch 18.jpg

Clutch Results:

1.0 Super Pastel Phantom Vanilla Yellowbelly het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel Vanilla Yellowbelly het Puzzle

0.1 Pastel Phantom Yellowbelly het Puzzle

1.0 Pastel Phantom Vanilla het Puzzle

2.1 Pastel Vanilla het Puzzle

2.0 Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 18a.jpg

Clutch #19

Sire: Pastel Spotnose HRA

Dame: Pastel Yellowbelly

Date Laid: 4/13/20

Eggs: 7 eggs + 1 slug

Hatched: 6/12/20

Clutch 19.jpg

Clutch Results:

0.1 Pastel Spotnose HRA Yellowbelly

1.0 Super Pastel Spotnose HRA Paradox

0.1 Super Pastel Spotnose

1.1 Pastel HRA

1.0 HRA

0.1 Pastel

Clutch 19a.jpg

Clutch #20

Sire: Banana Pastave Red Gene

Dame: Mystic Pinstripe

Date Laid: 4/15/20

Eggs: 6 eggs

Hatched: 6/14/20

Clutch 20.jpg

Clutch Results:

0.1 Pastel Mystic Potion Pinstripe

1.0 Banana Mystic Potion

0.1 Mystic Potion Pinstripe

1.0 Banana Jigsaw

1.0 Banana Mojave

1.0 Banana

Clutch 20a.jpg
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