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Clutch #61

Sire: Hypo Yellowgene Sugar Mojave

Dame: Clown 66% het Hypo

Date Laid: 7/29/21

Eggs:  7 eggs

Hatched: 9/28/21

Clutch 61.jpg

Clutch Results:
2.0 Hypo het Clown
2.0 Mojave Sugar DBH Clown Hypo
0.2 Sugar DBH Clown Hypo
1.0 Mojave DBH Clown Hypo

Clutch 61a.jpg

Clutch #62

Sire: Pastel VPI Axanthic

Dame:  VPI Axanthic Lemonblast

Date Laid: 8/2/21

Eggs: 6 eggs 


Clutch 62.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.1 Lemonblast VPI Axanthic
1.0 Super Pastel VPI Axanthic
0.3 Pastel VPI Axanthic

Clutch 62a.jpg

Clutch #63

Sire: Sulfur Orange Dream

Dame:  Spider Mojave

Date Laid: 8/4/21

Eggs: 9 eggs 


Clutch 63.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Orange Dream Sulfur Spider Mojave Yellowgene
1.0 Orange Dream Mojave Yelloegene
0.1 Sulfur Mojave Spider
1.0 Orange Dream Mojave
1.0 Sulfur Orange Dream 
0.1 Spider Mojave
1.0 Orange Dream Spider
0.1 Spider
0.1 Normal

Clutch 63a.jpg

Clutch #64

Sire: Pastel Lesser G-Stripe

Dame: Het G-Stripe

Date Laid: 8/7/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 64.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.2 Pastel Lesser het G-Stripe
0.1 Lesser het G-Stripe
1.0 Pastel het G-Stripe
0.2 Normal het G-Stripe

Clutch 64a.jpg

Clutch #65

Sire: Enchi Sulfur Cream

Dame: Sulfurfly

Date Laid: 8/11/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 65.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Pastel Enchi Super Sulfur
0.2 Super Sulfur
1.1 Sulfur Cream
1.0 Vanilla Enchi
1.0 Pastel Sulfur

Clutch 65a.jpg

Clutch #66

Sire: Orange Dream het Pied

Dame: Pastel Pied

Date Laid: 8/12/21

Eggs: 2 eggs 


All but 1 egg made it through.

Clutch 66.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Orange Dream Pied

Clutch 66a.jpg

Clutch #67

Sire: Lavender Albino

Dame: Het Lavender Albino

Date Laid: 8/12/21

Eggs: 8 eggs 


Clutch 67.jpg

Clutch Results: 
2.2 Lavender Albino
1.3 het Lavender Albino

Clutch 67a.jpg

Clutch #68

Sire: Pastel Enchi VPI Axanthic 

Dame: VPI Axanthic Bumblebee

Date Laid: 8/17/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 68.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Killerbee Enchi VPI Axanthic
1.0 Bumblebee Enchi VPI Axanthic
3.0 Pastel Enchi VPI Axanthic
1.0 Pastel VPI Axanthic
1.0 VPI Axanthic

Clutch 68a.jpg

Clutch #69

Sire: Hypo Mojave Sugar & Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Yellowgene Hypo

Date Laid: 8/29/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 69.jpg

Clutch Results: 
3.4 Pastel DBH Hypo Puzzle

Clutch 69a.jpg

Clutch #70

Sire: Sulfur Blade Clown

Dame: Pastel Blade het Clown

Date Laid: 9/8/21

Eggs: 8 eggs 


Clutch 70.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Pastel Sulfur Clown
0.2 Sulfur Blade Clown
1.0 Pastel Blade Clown
1.1 Blade Clown
1.1 Normal het Clown

Clutch 70a.jpg

Clutch #71

Sire: Super Pastel Spotnose het Puzzle

Dame: Sterling Puzzle

Date Laid: 9/17/21

Eggs: 6 eggs 


Clutch 71.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Sterling Puzzle
1.4 Super Pastel Puzzle

Clutch 71a.jpg

Clutch #72

Sire: Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Super Pastel het Puzzle

Date Laid: 12/8/21

Eggs: 8 eggs 

Hatched: 2/8/22

Clutch 72.jpg

Clutch Results: 
2.1 Super Pastel Puzzle
1.4 Super Pastel het Puzzle

Clutch 72a.jpg
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