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Clutch #41

Sire: Pastel Scaleless Head Yellowbelly

Dame: Pinstripe Scaleless Head

Date Laid: 6/2/21

Eggs:  5 eggs

Hatched: 8/1/21

Clutch 41.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.0 Scaleless Lemonblast
0.1 Scaleless Head Lemonblast Yellowbelly
0.1 Scaleless Head Pinstripe Yellowbelly
0.1 Scaleless Head Pinstripe
0.1 Scaleless Head

Clutch 41a.jpg

Clutch #42

Sire: Pied

Dame:  Cinnamon het Pied

Date Laid: 6/4/21

Eggs: 5 eggs 


Clutch 42.jpg

Clutch Results:
2.1 Pied
1.1 het Pied

Clutch 42a.jpg

Clutch #43

Sire: Leopard Bumblebee VPI Axanthic

Dame:  Pastel Sugar het VPI Axanthic

Date Laid: 6/4/21

Eggs: 3 eggs 

Hatched: 8/3/21

Clutch 43.jpg

Clutch Results:
1.0 Killerbee Leopard Sugar VPI Axanthic
1.0 Bumblebee Sugar VPI Axanthic
0.1 Bumblebee Sugar het VPI Axanthic

Clutch 43a_edited.jpg

Clutch #44

Sire: Super Pastel Leopard

Dame: Lesser HRA

Date Laid: 6/6/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 44.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Pastel Leopard Lesser HRA
1.1 Pastel Leopard HRA
1.0 Pastel Lesser HRA
1.0 Pastel HRA
2.0 Pastel

Clutch 44a.jpg

Clutch #45

Sire: Sulfur Orange Dream

Dame: Scaleless Head

Date Laid: 6/7/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 45.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Sulfur Orange Dream Scaleless Head
1.2 Sulfur Scaleless Head
1.0 Orange Dream Scaleless Head
0.1 Orange Dream
0.1 Normal

Clutch 45a.jpg

Clutch #46

Sire: Pastel Coral Glow Sugar

Dame: Mystic Pinstripe

Date Laid: 6/8/21

Eggs: 5 eggs 


Clutch 46.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 GHI Mystic HGW
0.1 Mystic Lemonblast Sugar
0.1 GHI Mystic Pinstripe
0.1 Mystic Lemonblast
1.0 Mystic

Clutch 46a.jpg

Clutch #47

Sire: Powerball HRA GHI

Dame: Super Phantom Pastel poss Yellowbelly

Date Laid: 6/9/21

Eggs: 6 eggs 


Clutch 47.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Pastel Spotnose Phantom GHI HRA
0.1 Spotnose Phantom GHI HRA
1.0 Pastel Spotnose Phantom HRA
1.1 Pastel Spotnose Phantom
0.1 Spotnose Phantom

Clutch 47a.jpg

Clutch #48

Sire: Super Pastel Leopard

Dame: Lesser Spider Yellowbelly

Date Laid: 6/9/21

Eggs: 6 eggs 


Unfortunately, all of the eggs did not make it through incubation.

Clutch 48.jpg

Clutch Results:


Clutch #49

Sire: Sulfur Orange Dream

Dame: Orange Dream Sulfur Spider

Date Laid: 6/10/21

Eggs: 4 eggs 


Clutch 49.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Super Orange Dream Sulfur Spider (shark jaw)
1.0 Super Orange Dream Spider
1.1 Sulfur Orange Dream

Clutch 49a.jpg

Clutch #50

Sire: Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Pastel What

Date Laid: 6/16/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 50.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.3 Super Pastel What het Puzzle
0.1 Super Pastel het Puzzle
1.2 Pastel het Puzzle 

Clutch 50a.jpg

Clutch #51

Sire: Super Pastel Puzzle

Dame: Hypo Enchi

Date Laid: 7/1/21

Eggs: 3 eggs 


Clutch 51.jpg

Clutch Results: 
3.0 Pastel

Clutch 51a.jpg

Clutch #52

Sire: Super Sulfur

Dame: Sulfur 1

Date Laid: 7/8/21

Eggs: 6 eggs 


Clutch 52.jpg

Clutch Results: 
3.0 Super Sulfur
2.1 Sulfur

Clutch 52a.jpg

Clutch #53

Sire: Coral Glow Pied

Dame: Pied

Date Laid: 7/10/21

Eggs: 9 eggs 


Clutch 53.jpg

Clutch Results: 
4.1 Coral Glow Pied
2.2 Pied

Clutch 53a.jpg

Clutch #54

Sire: Pastel Red Axanthic Lesser Spotnose

Dame: Ivory Mirage

Date Laid: 7/10/21

Eggs: 4 eggs 


Clutch 54.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Pastel Lesser Spotnose HRA Yellowbelly Mirage
1.0 Lesser HRA Yellowbelly Mirage
0.1 Pastel HRA Yellowbelly Mirage
1.0 HRA Yellowbelly

Clutch 54a_edited.jpg

Clutch #55

Sire: Pewter Pied

Dame: Pewter Het Pied

Date Laid: 7/13/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 55.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Pied
2.2 Pewter het Pied
0.1 Cinnamon het Pied
1.0 het Pied

Clutch 55a.jpg

Clutch #56

Sire: Lavender Albino

Dame: Sugar

Date Laid: 7/18/21

Eggs: 8 eggs 


Clutch 56.jpg

Clutch Results: 
2.2 Sugar het Lavender Albino
1.3 het Lavender Albino

Clutch 56a.jpg

Clutch #57

Sire: Pastel Lesser G-Stripe

Dame: Pastel G-Stripe

Date Laid: 7/18/21

Eggs: 5 eggs 


Clutch 57.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Pastel Lesser G-Stripe
1.0 Super Pastel G-Stripe
1.0 Pastel G-Stripe
0.2 G-Stripe

Clutch 57a.jpg

Clutch #58

Sire: Ultramel

Dame: Chocolate Spider

Date Laid: 7/19/21

Eggs: 4 eggs 


Clutch 58.jpg

Clutch Results: 
2.1 Chocolate het Ultramel
1.0 Spider het Ultramel

Clutch 58a.jpg

Clutch #59

Sire: Hypo Leopard NoCo Special Pinstripe

Dame: Typhoon Hypo

Date Laid: 7/21/21

Eggs: 4 eggs 


Clutch 59.jpg

Clutch Results: 
1.0 Hypo Leopard NoCo Special Typhoon
0.1 Hypo Pinstripe Typhoon
1.0 Hypo Pinstripe NoCo Special
0.1 Hypo Pinstripe

Clutch 59a.jpg

Clutch #60

Sire: Enchi Sulfur Cream

Dame: Enchi Vanilla

Date Laid: 7/25/21

Eggs: 7 eggs 


Clutch 60.jpg

Clutch Results: 
0.1 Enchi Sulfur Cream
0.1 Super Enchi Sulfur
1.0 Super Enchi Vanilla
1.0 Super Vanilla Enchi
1.0 Sulfur Cream
0.1 Enchi Vanilla
1.0 Sulfur

Clutch 60a.jpg
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