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Upcoming Show 2024 Dates
HERPS Longview, TX        Jan 20-21
HERPS Conroe, TX           Jan 27-28

HERPS Baton Rouge, LA     Mar 2-3
NARBC Tinley Park, IL     Mar 16-17
NARBC Dallas, TX            Apr 13-14
HERPS Monroe, LA            May 4-5
HERPS Conroe, TX             Jun 8-9
HERPS Longview, TX        Jun 22-23
HERPS Baton Rouge, LA   Aug 24-25
NARBC Dallas, TX             Sept 7-8
HERPS Conroe, TX          Sept 14-15
NARBC Tinley Park, IL      Oct 12-13
HERPS Monroe, LA          Nov 16-17

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